The connected society


Everything is connected. An offline device is a dead device. The digitization grows beyond computers and phones to include everything. The contours of the connected society are shaped every day in everything we do. Companies needs to embark on this transformation and understand that this is not a small step, this is a leap.


“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near”, said Jack Welch (former CEO General Electrics)

The industrial revolution introduced advances in machinery and energy that altered landscapes and shifted world power. The age of information increased the access to knowledge and communication. It did set a new arena of commerce and did establish a new economy well described through the Wired magazine during the 90s.

Today, the contours of a new era are rapidly shaping up. We are trying to foresee it but we can just make best guess scenarios. Improvements in product connectivity and machine learning, are dramatically changing the way we work, live, consume and do business. Our day-to-day lives are increasingly defined by the connected society and it is still an ongoing high-speed change in our lives.

We are now facing a point of departure, a demarcation line.

In the Connected Society, there’s a convergence of technology and humans. The integration of technology and connectivity with will color all aspects of life. It will be identified as a mosaic of automated communication between machines and humans ending up in personal flavored opportunities and information.

Among the winners we will find companies able to understand individuals behaviors and how they will transcend into the connected society. Understanding “Internet-of-things” and “internet-of-everything” will be a great start but ultimately it will fail to succeed since it most commonly misses to put the human at its center.

We still need to further our position and understanding of the connected society to be among the winners. It is exciting to be part of this journey and listen in to all discussions at Acando while the teams around IoE and IoT are improving our offering. This was just my personal point of view.

The Connected Society is about our way of living and working; not about things and devices… Just deal with it!


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